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Universidad Europea celebrates the solemn opening ceremony of the 2023 - 2024 academic year

19 oct 2023

Elena Gazapo: "It is urgent and a priority to teach our students about and with Artificial Intelligence, because those who know its fundamentals, implementation and application in the legal framework will be the most competitive"

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Another year, in an academic year where educational innovation and experiential learning will be the main protagonists, Universidad Europea opens its doors. The inaugural event was attended by the rector of Universidad Europea Elena Gazapo; Nicolás Javier Casas, general director of Universities of the Community of Madrid; and Elena de la Fuente, general secretary of Universidad Europea; and Enrique Puertas, professor of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data at Universidad Europea.

At the opening ceremony, the rector of the Universidad Europea highlighted the new spaces that will be available to students this academic year, such as the Advanced Computing Center, the new Building E and the Simulated Veterinary Hospital, which will allow "learning in real professional environments" to be brought to "all areas of knowledge". He also pledged to continue to support "growth initiatives in the business world through Advisory Boards, strategic alliances and facilitating the search for talent from companies among our students".

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Artificial Intelligence, one of the great challenges and opportunities in the current context, has had special relevance in this inaugural event: "We are concerned about how to develop in our students the sense of sustainability and how to educate in values, ethics, humanities, precisely now that we have to reflect on the challenge that Artificial Intelligence poses for our teachers and for the professional and personal development of our students. Artificial Intelligence is now part of our lives, and in the face of the risks of misuse of this tool, it is important to recognize and value the enormous opportunity it offers us to transform higher education from standardization to a more personalized focus," said Elena Gazapo. The professor of Intelligence and Big Data at Universidad Europea, Enrique Puertas, highlighted the opportunities generated by the development of this technology for the University: "Artificial Intelligence is going to be a help that will allow us to improve interaction with students and will allow them to have a personal tutor".

The General Director of Universities of the Community of Madrid emphasized the key role played by Universidad Europea in the educational environment of the region: "You are one of the driving forces of this great university region that Madrid has become, and for this reason, you have the full recognition of the Government of the Community of Madrid, a government that shares with you the respect for this network and that fights every day for the defense of a free, plural and quality education. A model whose watchword is to seek the knowledge and excellence of the students who will become part of our society".