Universidad Europea researchers develop a study on dental prostheses

The authors encourage Universidad Europea staff and students to take part in the study by offering free dental check-ups and cleaning

The authors from the Universidad Europea Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry research group have developed a study on the survival of restorations –fillings– that release fluoride.

The study, led by main researcher Nerea Urcelay Moreno and entitled “Clinical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Glass Ionomer Cements in Subsequent Fillings in Adults”, targets people aged from 18 to 65. The research project offers participants a free dental check-up from the Master’s degree teaching staff. The study participant –or patient– must previously meet the eligibility requirements. In this case, the clinic staff will give them an appointment for free fillings.

The Universidad Europea University Dental Clinic, Plaza Santa María de la Cabeza 92, Madrid, encourages all professors, students and staff from the university to take part in the study and the dental tests. The researchers are concerned for those who do not regularly go to the dentist and encourage them to get a check-up from a Universidad Europea professor, and also free fillings. The check-ups will use an intraoral scanner and take into account aspects such as marginal adjustment, color stability, wear and bacteria filtration.

If you are interested please contact: fernando.sanclemente@unviersidadeuropea.es, andrea.santamaria@universidadeuropea.es or nere.urcelay@gmail.com.    

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