Universidad Europea president inaugurates the annual American Business Council summit

At the event attended by the minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Carmelo stressed that American companies “are betting on Spain”

The American Business Council held the 2016 Annual Summit at the Casa de América at the beginning of June under the title “The Challenges of Reindustrialization in Spain.” Universidad Europea and American Business Council president Miguel Carmelo, opened the ceremony with an inaugural speech in which he said that “American companies are committed to Spain.”

During his speech, the president said that our country's most pressing challenge is reindustrialization, the need for strong and competitive industry, which would ensure that past errors are not repeated and establish economic stability.

After Miguel Carmelo, the minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo said that when few companies trusted Spain, American companies did. According to the minister, that is why our Foreign Policy will only be effective if it is anchored in two fundamentals: belonging to the European Union and maintaining a good trans-Atlantic relationship with the United States.

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