Universidad Europea joins the SERES Foundation

The entity includes the University in its commitment to a more relevant role for businesses in improving society

The Universidad Europea has joined the SERES Foundation, which focuses its activity on favoring a more relevant role for businesses in improving society, and on encouraging businesses to help create value and assume their role as a key agent for resolving social problems.

As part of its commitment to transforming business and social improvement, on May 25, SERES held the fourth edition of its social innovation meeting entitled “Compartiendo” (Sharing), which the Foundation uses to provide businesses with new models as an essential element for addressing the challenges faced by today’s business managers.

The event addressed the social business model Action Tank –considered by the Harvard Business School as one of the most relevant international models for turning businesses into powerful agents of change while favoring social change– with a presentation by the director general of Action Tank, Jacques Berger. BCG was also there to speak about the concept of poverty and social exclusion, and the advantages available to businesses who work on group projects.

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