Universidad Europea de Valencia professor Carlos Romá-Mateo presents his work “La epigenética”

In an attempt to bring science closer to the general public, Dentistry Degree Program professor Carlos Romá-Mateo has published “La epigenética” (Epigenetics), to explain this branch of biology

With the same vocation he shows with Biochemistry and Cell Biology students on the Dentistry Degree Program at Universidad Europea de Valencia, professor Carlos Romá-Mateo has recently published “La epigenética”, a work of scientific popularization that is part of the “¿Qué sabemos de?” (What do we know about?) collection published by CSIC and publishing house La Catarata.

On June 15, the Leo bookstore in Valencia held the book presentation, attended by Maria Josep Picó, a scientific journalist, and Jordi Pérez-Tur, researcher and director of the Institute of Biomedicine of Valencia-CSIC, as well as the author himself, Carlos Romá-Mateo.

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