Universidad Europea de Valencia debates Zika and Ebola viruses

Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry students attend a masterclass on the risks of health workers being exposed to biological agents like the Zika or Ebola virus.

The Ebola and Zika viruses and other matters related to risks for health workers were the subject of the masterclass held last Tuesday, June 7 at the Universidad Europea de Valencia.

Doctor of Biology Amparo Tamarit is a specialist in microbiology and parasitology and has worked with biological agents for over twenty years. She gave the conference on these topics to a group of first-year Microbiology students of the Universidad Europea de Valencia's Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry.

In a fun and entertaining way, Amparo Tamarit also explained the different ways biological agents spread as well as many ways heath workers can protect themselves from infection.

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