The university community goes all-in with the SDGs

The Universidad Europea de Madrid Schools have celebrated SDG Day with a series of seminars to recognize the social and environmental commitment of the university community


After the B Corporation recognition granted to Universidad European in January 2018 for its role as a key agent and its commitment to social change, the academic community has continued with its mission to transfer the importance of social impact to the university community. To do this, at a time when institutions, NGOs and businesses are implementing more and more actions with social impact in their business strategies, the University has held this initiative based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Entitled SDG Day, the event wanted to focus on the university community through its Schools to highlight the achievements of students, employees, teaching staff and the university itself to help economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

The School of Social Sciences and Communication organized a seminar designed to delve deeper in the SDGs. It held a round table attended by NGOs Hazloposible, Pandora Foundation and World Vision whose representatives have inspired students and teaching staff on how to become global, committed citizens. As one of the SDG success stories, the seminar was attended by students from the Communication Department who interviewed classmates receiving a custom service to ensure their skills development and university experience at the Diversity Unit.

Other actions scheduled at the event by the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences included the 2nd edition of the Biotechnology Big Ideas Competition (BioBIC): Biotechnology for sustainability with awards granted to students. The School of Sports and Exercise Science presented to its students the extension of the collaboration agreement with Fundación Real Madrid. Finally, the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design held a recycling workshop with students.

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