The School of Biomedical and Health Sciences opens a new, innovative Simulated Hospital

It is an advanced technology center that fosters developing a truly innovative academic model

The School of Biomedical and Health Sciences recently inaugurated a Simulated Hospital open to students and professors to reinforce the development of good clinical practice, with special emphasis on patient safety. Students of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Dentistry, Psychology, Physical Therapy and other schools, such as Biomedical Engineering students, will be trained at the new facilities.

The space assigned to the Universidad Europea Simulated Hospital has a total of 745 m2. The facilities have four clinical consultancy rooms, a task training room, a hospitalization room, hospital pharmacy, four complex simulation rooms and a support room. Each area of the Simulated Hospital is equipped with the latest clinical material, audiovisual and data management technologies.

The Simulated Hospital reinforces the quality of the academic model at the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences and the Universidad Europea as a whole, part of a commitment to innovation and training through interprofessional education, integrating curricula and comprehensive assessment. Thanks to the Simulated Hospital, professors will have realist scenarios for their academic programs to offer students simulation methodologies that allow them to train in cases that they will rarely see during their professional careers

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