The Nursing Department organized a successful symposium on Nursing Specialties and Graduate Studies

The event was part of the Academic and Career Guidance Plan for 4th-year students in the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, in order to develop competencies connected to the world of work.

Students in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing attended the Academic and Career Guidance Plan on November 7, organized by the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences. Attendees got first-hand information on continuity in specialized nursing studies.

The event included several activities designed to develop professional competencies connected to the world of work. To this end, the lecturers were nursing graduates and resident interns (EIR) from different regulated specialties. The guest speakers shared their impressions of nursing specialties, how they are accessed, and the job opportunities they offer. 

The Program Directors of the Nursing Masters and Certificate Courses told students about the courses available at the Universidad Europea for academic specialization. The symposium was chaired by Marta Rodríguez García (who officially opened it), the director of the Nursing Department of the Universidad Europea.

She was accompanied by the invited experts: Francisco Megias Lizancos, President of the Spanish Association of Mental Health Nursing (AEESME); Julio González Luis, a nurse specializing in Mental Health; Isabel Rodríguez Vico and Isabel Maria Gordo Cerezo, specialists in Family and Community Nursing; Blanca López Talasac, 2nd-year intern in Midwifery; Cristina González Hernández, specialist Midwife; Andrea Macias Pérez, 1st-year intern in Pediatric Nursing; Mally Franchesca Veras Basora, 1st-year intern in Geriatric Nursing.

There was also a talk by Rubén Vara Ciruelos and Noemí Mayoral Gonzalo, experts in the area of sports nursing, which is not currently a regulated specialty, but is an area of interest for nursing professionals who want to follow a career linking healthcare and sports.

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