The new season of Europea Media is up and running with a schedule of new content and formats

The Universidad Europea media outlet wants to become the main platform for news among students and teaching staff at the institution


Europea Media once again premieres a new season with novel contents and formats for television, radio, digital newspaper and advertising and translation services. Europea Media began the new season on September 21 with a radio special to welcome students in their first year at the School of Social Sciences and Communication.

The objectives set by Europea Media for this new season include bringing the media outlet closer to all students and teaching staff at the Universidad Europea. The goal for the 2016-2017 academic year is to reinforce the media outlet as the main source and platform for students and teaching staff at the institution.

Europea Media has announced the new projects available for the new season. The new features include Calle Mayor, a local program presented and directed by Rosa María Mateos, which aims to become the benchmark of the season. In the Political Analysis section, a new space will be launched called Especial USA, directed by Jose María Peredo, for the US elections.

El Punto sobre la Historia, broadcast on Telemadrid and Onda Madrid, will be produced, recorded and broadcast for another year. The School of Sports and Exercise Sciences will also have its star program, En Marcha, coordinated by Javier de la Rubia, and programs such as TX Deportivas, Football Fantasy and Silbato Deportivo will cover all the latest news in sport. This season UEMdía, presented by Alex Costa and Inma Barceló, will become the longest running program on Europea Media. This year Cloud Jazz and Trendy Travel will deal with the latest in music and lifestyle.

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