The first IMPACT Founders are here, with one goal: changing the world

IMPACT Business School, the Universidad Europea business school for new graduates, is adding two new master's this year

The first class of Universidad Europea’s IMPACT Business School graduated this year. They are the IMPACT Founders and they’re ready to change the world they live in. Also, next year the school is adding two new master's to its portfolio of qualifications, alongside the Master's in Innovation: the Master's in Management and Master's in Marketing.

The goal of IMPACT Business School is to educate future agents of change, people who can be the transformational catalysts that business and society are looking for. In its bid to achieve this transformation through its students, the school has created the IMPACT Founders financing program – which shares its name with the first graduating class - through which students pay 50% of the Master's and transform the other 50% into a partnership with the school.

This financing system lets students work with an academic area or functional department, have extra networking with professionals in the sectors that most interest them, and contribute actively to the development of IMPACT Business School.

Some of the students who have already benefited from IMPACT Founders highlight networking, their classmates, the professors and the tools as the outstanding strong points of this experience.

For Raúl (Spain) “the best thing about IMPACT is its creation and the development of the project, believing in young talent and in people who want to do different things,” while Martin (Bulgaria) says that at the professional level, the school “has been a turning point, it has given me a set of tools and methodologies that I put into practice with my project and an overall vision of the entire innovation process.”

And Génesis (Venezuela) emphasizes the resources the school provides. “As an urbanist, everything I try to do has society in mind, and I feel that IMPACT has given me very powerful tools for thinking about business outside the economic box,” she says.

You can see testimonials from other IMPACT Founders here.


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