The creators of the Godoy Method visit Universidad Europea

An innovative manual lymphatic drainage technique used to treat lymphedema

Doctors José Maria Pereira Godoy and Fátima Guerreiro Godoy, creators of the Godoy Method, offered a conference on “Godoy Method Lymphatic Therapy. A New Perspective for Tackling Lymphedema” at Universidad Europea on June 3, and conducted a series of workshops over the following weekend.

The Godoy Method is an innovative manual lymphatic drainage technique that is still relatively unknown in Spain and is suitable for treating lymphedema. This technique offered by physical therapists can stabilize the affected limb by 95%, substantially improving the patient’s quality of life. The Godoy doctors have been working with lymphedema patients at their clinic for 15 years, and some patients are already receiving this treatment in Spain.

Almost one million people suffer lymphedema in Spain according to patients’ associations. It is a little known and chronic illness that affects increasingly more people, primarily for its association with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer as in a high percentage of the cases diagnosed lymphedema arises after removing lymph nodes affected by cancer.

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