The Canary Islands welcomes its students on Welcome Day

For the rector, this is one of the most important events for new students

On September 17, Universidad Europea de Canarias held its Welcome Day event: an open day for new students of the university, which is organized with the aim of enabling them to establish their first contact with the campus where they are going to study over the next few years.

For the rector of Universidad Europea de Canarias, Cristiana Oliveira, this is “one of the most important events for students who start their day-to-day at the university,” because throughout the day they will be able to meet other students, teachers who will guide them in their academic development, and become familiar with the methodology that will be taught.

In this intense and exciting day, the rector and the degree program coordinators address and explain how the students’ day-to-day will be at the university over the following four years and a carousel is held through which all those responsible for the services offered by the institution pass, as explained by the coordinator of the Department of Social Sciences, José Serrano.

The second session of Welcome Day consists of activities that enable students to get to know the city of La Orotava, “since we are a university in an urban campus. First they get to know their team-mates and the team that leads the university, and then they get to know the environment,” says Cristiana Oliveira.

In addition, October 8 marked the start of the 2018-2019 Academic Year, which took place at the Liceo de Taoro de La Orotava and was attended by the captain of Real Madrid Basketball, Felipe Reyes, who held a very interesting talk with the director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Universidad Europea, José María Palomares.

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