Professor Víctor Manuel Cabrera took part in the 10th International Conference on Molinology

During the conference, which was held in Segovia, he presented a research project on this traditional architecture

Víctor Manuel Cabrera, professor from the Universidad Europea de Canarias School of Architecture, presented a poster at the 10th International Conference on Molinology, held a few weeks ago in Segovia. In his research project, the professor notes that “conserving traditional architecture” is a hot topic in Spain primarily due to the large variety and significance of these structures as an element of the cultural and rural landscape that acts as a great tourist attraction.

A lack of studies and inventories, the disappearance of ways of life linked to them, and the fragility of many of these constructions make them especially vulnerable. The standardization of culture, social and economic globalization, a lack of studies and inventories of traditional constructions, and the disappearance of ways of life linked to them, are some of the main causes for the large variety of traditional Canary Island society buildings finding themselves in a situation of extreme vulnerability, facing serious problems of obsolescence and integration.

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