Professor Juan Arnau, speaker at the International Science, Compassion and Leadership Symposium

The city of Barcelona is hosting one of the largest global meetings on the neuroscience of happiness, compassion and leadership, at which Juan Arnau is one of the speakers

The Professor of Anthropology, Geopolitics and the History of Economic Thought for the Degrees in Odontology, International Relations and Criminology at Universidad Europea de Valencia, Juan Arnau, took part in the International Science, Compassion and Leadership Symposium held from 6 to 8 September at the Fundació Casa del Tíbet in Barcelona and attended by outstanding experts in these fields.

The lecture by Professor Arnau, entitled Science, Conscience and Freedom” focused on presenting the “place occupied by conscience in modern science compared with the place it occupies in the wisdom traditions of India”.

Juan Arnau, the author of various essays on philosophy and ethics, among other topics, also spoke about freedom and its ties to desire, “the ‘follow your dreams’ and volunteering and the puritanism that dominates in modern technological societies”. The event was organized by Estudios Contemplativos; Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science and Upaya Zen Center.

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