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Presentation of “Nuevas tecnologías y relaciones laborales” at Universidad Europea de Valencia

How is using WhatsApp, email, cell phones, social networks, etc. during work hours regulated by law? This manual offers the keys for business organizations and employees

Last Friday, July 14, Antonio Ballester, Alumni of the Law Degree Program at Universidad Europea de Valencia, and managing partner at Tomarial Abogados visited the Universidad Europea de Valencia facilities to present the “Cuadernos de Vitruvio” Legal Collection, with the first issue entitled “Nuevas tecnologías y relaciones laborales” (New technologies and labor relations) by Santiago Blanes.

This paper aims to shed light on the relationship between new technologies and how they are used during work hours. It addresses different recommendations from a labor law viewpoint as well as case law to date.

There was also a round table on “El abogado y su cliente, el cliente y su abogado” (The attorney and their client, the client and their attorney), attended by Alejandro Soliveres Montañés, general secretary of the Valencia Metallurgy Business Federation (FEMEVAL); Tomás Vázquez Lépinette, Legal Area partner at TOMARIAL Abogados y Asesores Tributarios; Mónica Gil Ginestar, corporate HR and IR director at Fermax Electrónica; José Luis Vera Llorens, legal and transparency director at Divalterra; Ismael Sáez Vaquero, General Secretary of UGT PV and Santiago Blanes Mompó, Legal-Labor Area director at TOMARIAL. The Universidad Europea de Valencia Graduate Studies academic director, Rosa Sanchidrián, opened the session.

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