Our students produce the video “Ellos se merecen la suya” for Universal Children's Day

The video was produced under the initiative “UE Children's Day for UNICEF”, organized by Universidad Europea.

Today marks 63 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. To celebrate Universal Children's Day, a group of students and alumni from Universidad Europea have produced a video with the name “Ellos se merecen la suya” (They deserve a childhood) with the aim of raising awareness and promoting wellbeing of children among the university community.

The idea came about thanks to the initiative “UE Children's Day for UNICEF”, organized by Universidad Europea, in which students and employees have taken part in a contest consisting in writing a script for a promotional video for Universal Children’s Day with the slogan“You had your childhood, they deserve theirs”. The joint proposal by Andrea Fernández González and David Estaragués Aguiñaga, “They deserve their childhood”, received the support from Universidad Europea during its production. As stated by the Rector ofUniversidad Europea, Juan Morote, “along the same lines as Here for Good de Laureate, at Universidad Europea, we consider our students to be active agents able to contribute to social development and with this initiative, we aimed to give them the opportunity to do this.

The viewing will be organized today at the Villaviciosa de Odón campus in a session in collaboration with Unicef, which will also include short personal accounts from members of the university community as well as employees. The authors aimed to highlight how the majority of people in the most developed western countries live a happy childhood that they remember throughout their lifetime. With this in mind, the video aims to raise awareness about the existing inequality among more disadvantaged places, in which children are made to give up something as essential as playing games, in order to work and contribute to sustaining their families. The audience is therefore encouraged to make donations, of as little as four euros, by sending an SMS to UExUNICEFto 38080.

In addition to the video premiere, there will be a round table addressing the new educational challenges in children's education and inclusion with representatives of Universidad Europea’s Managing Diversity Unit; Unicef Spain Educational Partnerships, Madrid Committee; Save the Children; and the Ponce de Leóneducational center. Additionally, Adriana Negueruela, from Unicef Spain Educational Partnerships, will give attendees a presentation.

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