Menis becomes a member of the Editorial Board of REIA, the UEM’s research platform

The platform publishes information on architecture and related fields

Architect and professor at the Universidad Europea de Canarias Fernando Menis has been appointed as a new member of the Editorial Board of REIA, the UEM’s research platform, defined as a medium for publishing research on architecture and related fields.

REIA does not have an editorial policy and is exclusively governed by the quality of the published papers, which must meet the requirements for indexing in the field of architecture. It is issued twice a year, and is a publication of the Universidad Europea.

REIA’s mission is to increase the channels for disseminating research which expands knowledge in the field of architecture, understood in a cross-disciplinary sense, enhancing its essential nature as the organizer of the physical and cultural complexity of the human environment. The publication seeks to provide a venue for works on borderline between disciplines.

REIA is open to researchers, theorists, doctoral candidates, historians, critics, and all architects and non-architects who seek to make original and rigorous contributions to knowledge in this constantly expanding territory we call architecture.

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