Gender equality, the fifth SDG challenge for the global #COMPANIES4SDGs campaign

The campaign being led by the United Nations invites the university community to raise its awareness in February about actions to promote gender equality and visibility of women in all fields

After promoting quality education during January, the global campaign  #COMPANIES4SDGs for promoting Sustainable Development Goals invites students, professors, Alumni and employees of Universidad Europea to take part in the fifth challenge, focused on raising awareness on gender equality and making women visible in all fields for a better society.

The 5th SDG challenge seeks to highlight the discrimination and violence still being suffered by women and girls worldwide. For this reason, the campaign is rallying key players in order to promote gender equality as more than just a fundamental right, but rather, the basis for building a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. The challenge aims to raise awareness among participants of the benefits it would entail for society as a whole, with women being provided with access to education, medical treatment and political and economic representation.

There has been significant progress, although campaigns such as the one led by the United Nations serve as examples, showing that there is still a lot left to do, and the university community is key to achieving total equality between men and women. For this reason, the UN invites all participants to boost ideas and movements that contribute to the full involvement of women in equality, leadership and promoting their empowerment, while, at the same time, stamping out all types of violence against women, and above all achieving a degree of gender equality that empowers women and girls.

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