Experts ensure that companies must integrate digitalization without resistance

The Employability and Entrepreneurship forum organized by the Universidad Europea de Canarias brought together a group of professionals from different fields in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The digital transformation of companies and the new paradigms faced by the professionals of today and of the future was the focus of the fifth Employability and Entrepreneurship forum organized on May 12 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife by the Universidad Europea de Canarias. Experts at the forum agreed that business organizations must integrate these changes “without resistance and maintaining the values of professional teams.”

The event was opened by the Rector of the Universidad Europea de Canarias, Cristiana Oliveira, who said that “Universidad Europea's vocation is to train young people with a high capacity of knowledge, both in their specialty area and in cross-disciplinary attitudes, and prepare them for the job market they will join and where they will have a lot to say and contribute.”

The keynote speaker was Ignacio Castillo, Senior Manager of Human Capital in Southern Spain at Deloitte, who discussed the speed of technological changes in society and how companies more committed to digitalization are better prepared to lead the market according the latest report prepared by Deloitte University Press, Rewriting the rules for the digital age.

Next on the agenda was a round table on Employability and Internationalization. A digital world without borders attended by Ignacio Castillo; José Manuel Rodríguez Macías, Director of Atos Canarias; Coqui García Román, Business Area Director at Intech Tenerife, which is part of Tenerife Island Council’s Área 2030; Marcelino Concepción, Director of TLP Tenerife and Cristiana Oliveira. The debate was moderated by Deputy Editor of El Día newspaper Jorge Espinel.

The event was closed by Deputy Regional Minister for Employment and Entrepreneurship at the Canary Islands Regional Ministry of Employment, Social Policy and Housing, who also spoke of the value of professionals and said that institutions must also assume and support this new business paradigm facing society.


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