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Excellent attendance at the Open Doors Day

How the Nursing Degree simulator works, what countries can internships be taken in, and the English language qualifications students receive when studying at the Universidad Europea de Valencia, were just a few of the questions asked and answered at the Open Doors Day

On Thursday, July 21, the Universidad Europea de Valencia held its latest Open Doors Day at the General Elio campus. Many future students and their families attended the session with great interest, getting information on the different options offered by the Universidad Europea de Valencia (Educational Cycles, Bachelor's Degrees, Double Degrees, Master's and Graduate Degrees), talking to professors and asking questions.

After a visit to some of the classrooms and laboratories, the attendees saw for themselves how the educational model of the Universidad Europea works, focused around employability and excellence from day one. For example, in the information session on the Bachelor’s in Nursing and the Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy, they took their first theory and practice class, saw how the nursing simulator works, and learned how to take a patient’s blood pressure or temperature.

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