Doctor Ignacio Arribas and paratriathlete Gustavo Molina speak at the University

The former spoke about hyperbaric medicine, and the latter explained some of his experiences as an athlete

Doctor Ignacio Arribas García wrote a dissertation on hyperbaric medicine, what it is and its major advantages, particularly when applied to elite athletes. Arribas noted that the rate of recovery from injuries in athletes using this method is much faster and more efficient. Basically, hyperbaric medicine consists of multiplying the quantity of oxygen in blood to achieve better results in patients.

In the same contest, Ciudad Real's paratriathlete and handbiker, Gustavo Molina, who is in Tenerife to take part in the 8KM Orotava-Divina Pastora Seguros’ race in La Orotava, said that it would be a great challenge for him given the race conditions.

Molina explained that his life as an athlete hasn’t changed since before the accident that left him in a wheelchair, he simply uses different tools now and his times are different.

Both speakers took part in a lecture at the Universidad Europea de Canarias, which collaborates in this sporting event.

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