Architect Constanze Sixt, a dual-winner with the 2016 Leaf Award and the American Architecture Prize

The awards recognize her career and highlight her innovation

Architect and Universidad Europea de Canarias professor Constanze Sixt, as a member of the GPY Arquitectos studio, recently received two International Architecture Awards: the 2016 LEAF Award and the 2016 American Architecture Prize. The prestigious international awards recognize the career of professionals in design and architecture, placing special emphasis on innovation.

It is great news for us to have faculty members competing with other major professionals and who can tell students about their experiences. Meanwhile, Constanze Sixt and Alejandro Beautell, who is also a professor at our university, have coordinated a project at Tenerife Design Week, creating an ephemeral installation in the Los Lavaderos Art Room, with the help of UEC students and professor Pablo de Souza.

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