Students from the Latin University of Costa Rica complete an international study period at the Universidad Europea

Five Dentistry students from the center in Costa Rica, a member of the Laureate network, have taken part in different Master's programs to share experiences with students and teaching staff from the Universidad Europea

In September the Universidad Europea received a visit from students from the Latin University of Costa Rica for an international study period until September 28. The five Costa Rican Dentistry Degree program students shared experiences and practices with students and teaching staff during the different Master's programs in Dentistry in order to extend their knowledge with the theory and tactics used in Europe.

As students from the Latin University of Costa Rica, we have to say that the experience was very enriching and enjoyable. We have an excellent impression of the quality of education received by professionals on the Dentistry Master's programs at the Universidad Europea”, noted the students from the Laureate network member university after completing their stay.

The students Rebeca Rivera, Bryan Méndez, Diana Betancourt, Liz Luna and Pilar Betancourt completed their theory and clinical training under the supervision of Jesús Sanz, Director of the University Dental Clinic and Juan Algar, Clinical Department and Graduate Student Services Coordinator.

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