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Rosa Sanchidrián: “People innovate and that is why special training is needed, an attitude towards innovation”

The Graduate Studies academic director takes part in the 8th Conference on Innovation held at the Bankia Foundation

Last Friday, July 8, the Region of Valencia Innovation Club held the 8th Innovation Conference at the Bancaja Foundation, and the Universidad Europea de Valencia took part in the forum through the attendance of Graduate Studies academic director Rosa Sanchidrián. Sanchidrián spoke at the round table on “Innovation, the key to economic recovery”, along with Pepe Fuentes from Grupo Hinojosa; Josep Vento, from Sesderma; and César Taboas, R&D director at Royo Group.

People are the ones behind innovation and that is why special training is needed, an attitude toward innovation, said Rosa Sanchidrián, who added that the Universidad Europea de Valencia's mission is “to give a real response to businesses regarding the talent they need”.

Businesses must also add value, listen, get to know their customers and anticipate their needs if they want to innovate in their respective fields. This can also be implemented in all the company’s departments, said the Graduate Studies academic director at Universidad Europea de Valencia.

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