Quirón Salud Tenerife's Communications Director, Nuria Díaz, explains the key strategies for business communication

She revealed the public relations techniques now being used in her company for communication with employees, patients, and coworkers

Last June 8, Quirón Salud Tenerife's regional Communications Director, Nuria Díaz, told the 2nd-year Advertising Communication students how these communication and public relations strategies are being applied in this health cluster which includes many hospitals and clinics throughout Spain.

In her conference, Díaz explained how she developed an internal awareness campaign to inform health workers about the importance of treating patients warmly, "so they feel like they're at home."

She also spoke to students of the “Strategic Management of Public Relations” course, taught by Enrique Carrasco, to answer their questions about how the communications department of a private company works and how they should resolve image crises which usually have several approaches.

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