Más de Uno successfully broadcasts a special program from Universidad Europea

The morning show on Onda Cero radio interviewed students, alumni and Rector Miguel Gómez Navarro to talk about all the latest in education and academic offerings

On Tuesday June 27, the Más de Uno team visited Universidad Europea to broadcast a special live program from the Villaviciosa de Odón Campus. The morning magazine program, which included the latest news and a special feature on education and training, was followed by many students and professors who visited Auditorium A to watch Carlos Alsina and Juan Ramón Lucas broadcast the program live.

To discuss current affairs in education, Carlos Alsina interviewed Miguel Ángel Navarro, Rector of the Universidad Europea. The interview focused on the current academic offerings and education many young people are now moving on to after passing the university entrance exam. During the conversation Rector Navarro shared his experiences as a student, advised young students about how to choose an academic field, and stressed the potential that Universidad Europea offers new university students.

En directo, @carlos__alsina entrevista al rector @navarro_gmez @OndaCero_es con @Ruben_Amon @pacomarhuenda https://t.co/WOxOUwVawE

— Universidad Europea (@UEuropea) 27 de junio de 2017

During the second part of the program, Juan Ramón Lucas interviewed International Relations and Law students and Alumni Eva Pilar Carro and David Tofan (Min. 5:21:30). They spoke about their time at Universidad Europea, their experiences as students and how to address the real job market after receiving education. The program, with collaborators such as Latre or Boris Izaguirre, also featured talks with Fernando Onega, Vicente Valles, Paco Marhuenda, Rubén Amón, Josemi Rodríguez, Roberto López-Herrero, etc. and interviews with the Organization Secretary of the PSC and Italian singer Nek, who also took a few minutes to share anecdotes from their time studying in college.

Onda Cero en directo: Los estudiantes @EvaPilarCarro y David son entrevistados por @JuanraLucas https://t.co/4PpS6asG3t

— Universidad Europea (@UEuropea) 27 de junio de 2017
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