IncluClub: students committed to inclusion and diversity

The Universidad Europea has once again celebrated its Clubs Party; an event which aims to present student associations, clubs and groups, as well as their specialties and areas of interest, to newcomers.

On September 20, the Villaviciosa de Odón campus hosted a new edition of the Clubs Party during the #WelcomeUE17. This initiative enables Universidad Europea’s newcomers to learn about the student associations, clubs and groups and their specialties and areas of interest. It was an opportunity for current and new students to get to know each other, share their impressions and join the clubs that awaken their interests.

Among the clubs present this year, students were able to enjoy the IncluClub stand, a group of students who promote respect and appreciation for diversity, as well as a more inclusive society. Through IncluClub, students aim to break the stigma around people's differences helping the university community to feel and (co)exist as a community, by providing a springboard for personal development and generating a positive impact on their environment. During the event, the stand caught the attention of over 100 students who showed an interest and willingness to get involved in Incluclub by providing their email addresses to receive information and activities to carry out or take part in.

Incluclub also shared the group’s objectives with those interested. These included breaking stigmas, celebrating diversity, helping to achieve an inclusive society (special abilities, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc.). Students responded with messages of support describing the meaning of ‘inclusion’ in their own words, in sentences such as “we raise the Word up”, “union means strength”, “respect”, “equal opportunities”, “equity”, “we are all one”, “don't judge”, “respect difference”.

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