Anthropology Professor Juan Arnau presents his novella “La invención de la libertad”

The new work by Professor Arnau, an expert in philosophy, Eastern religions, and many other fields, invites us to become an active part of the world around us and to discover a new way of seeing life creatively and with empathy.

On May 12 Universidad Europea de Valencia Professor Juan Arnau presented his most recent work: “La invención de la libertad.” A professor of Anthropology, Geopolitics and History of Economic Thought, Arnau also has a prolific career as a writer and novelist.  In his latest volume, “La invención de la libertad,” the author defends a philosophy based on empathy, creativity and attention for humans who are committed to the life they see and feel. On May 2 Arnau was a guest on the program “El ojo crítico” on Radio Nacional to discuss the publication of his novella.

Professor Arnau won the Crítica Valenciana Prize in 2015 and was a finalist for the most recent edition of the National Essay Award for his work “Manual de Filosofía Portátil,” now in its third printing. You can listen to Juan Arnau's entire interview at the following link:

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