"My goal was always to be where I am now", Jhomelger García, graduated in the Master's Degree in Sports Physiotherapy.


Jhomelger García is a graduate in the Master’s Degree in Sports Physiotherapy, and he is currently the physiotherapist of the Mets of New York baseball team, one of the biggest teams in the professional baseball league in the United States. “I coordinate rehab for the Latin players in all levels of the organisation in our sports facilities in the Dominican Republic”.

What he likes the most about his job is “the opportunity of working with the players from the very first day, and how fast we start with their rehab sessions. This allows us to achieve great results in a short period of time, and of course, respecting biological natural timings”.

“Each athlete is a different challenge, a physiotherapist is not only in charge of the physical therapies themselves, we need to have the capacity of adapt to the needs of each of the athletes, we need to know how to deal with the anxiety and the stress that the willing of going back to the field as soon as possible generates in them. In many cases, we need to understand them and help them in all aspects to help with their recovery, in order to be successful with our treatments”.

What he likes the most about sports physiotherapy is “the opportunity that you get by being able of seeing the injury from the beginning and helping them through all the recovery process. It is very fulfilling”.

When we asked him if he ever thought of himself doing what he’s doing just now, he told us “my goal was always to be where I am now, I’ve worked hard for years to reach this, and today I can say that even if the path was not easy, I would do it all over again”.

“I always wanted to work in the sports industry, and my sport since I was a child is baseball. I decided to study at the Real Madrid Graduate School mainly because of three key reasons: the content of the lessons, the school prestige and the opportunity of having the opportunity of working at the Real Madrid facilities. And this is my heart speaking when I say that I’ve been a real fan of the Real Madrid team for my whole life”.

“I think that the Real Madrid Graduate School provided me with the tools I needed to be able to develop my career in the sports industry. However, it is mandatory to always keep studying, as in our profession, there’s never enough knowledge”.

He tells us that me misses “the friends that I made there, even though I had the opportunity every year of meeting one of my friends, as we are both professors at the Master”.

He’ll never forget the following tip: “Someone told me once that the only person able to set you limits is yourself, and nowadays that’s my life philosophy”.

To those who are currently starting in the sector, Jhomelger would tell them to “make the most of this great opportunity. They must understand that the master is just the beginning, that they have to be ready for everything as the industry changes constantly, but overall, I’ll tell them to do what the really love, as this will be the key to lead a happy life”.

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