“It is a great opportunity to observe the business model of the most important sports club in history, as well as the high quality professors

Héctor Quispe tells us how his time at the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea was and what his professional career looked like after he graduate

Héctor Quispe studied the Master's Degree in Sports Entities Direction at the Valle de Mexico University, which has a collaboration agreement with the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea, where he spent two weeks whilst studying. 

What did the experience mean to you?

It was a great experience to be able to enjoy the whole programme and, of course, the two weeks I spent in Madrid. It is a great opportunity to observe the business model of the most important sports club in history, as well as the high quality professors. It helped me to learn a lot. 

Why has it been important to you to be able to study a Master Degree in Collaboration with the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea?

They have a well-balanced study-programme, with a lot of subjects and well-structured case studies. Also, it gives you the opportunity of ending up with a double title, which makes it even more appealing. 

You studied The Master Degree in Sports Entities Direction, what made you choose it?

As a professional of the sports industry (but in the communication area), I was interested in learning more about the “business” side of things. Now I have the best of both worlds.

How has the School helped you in your professional career?

It has helped me a lot. I got the tools and knowledge that I needed in order to become an entrepreneur and create my own consultancy firm in sports communication. 

If I had to choose something from my experience it would be the innovative academic programme as well as the real-life link between the masters and the real professional world, always with the support and knowledge of the internationally known-teachers. 

He has been working on his Consultancy firm for 9 years, just after he finished the Master, where he works providing consultancy services and business advice in the sports sector. He also does specialised content marketing and creates editorial products and coordinates workshops and conferences. 

“I've also learnt more about Sports and Business, and I've been able to become an analyst for the following international media: ESPN, Revista Fortuna, Revista Expansión, Revista Playboy, Forbes.com.mx and currently with MedioTiempo.com and El Heraldo de México", he explained 

“After my time in the school, I was given the incredible opportunity of becoming a teacher, in the post-graduate division of the Universidad Valle de Mexico, within the Nutrition and Physiotherapy Masters. In all of them I teach Sports Marketing, Advertising and Communication” he said. 

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to have an agreement in place with the School and be able to link my courses with different business in Mexico. We've already been able to work together with some of the biggest journalism brands in the world such as Terra México, Claro Sports (now called Marca Claro) and MedioTiempo from the Expansión Group, as well as with some of the most prestigious Universities in the world like: Anáhuac, UNAM and of course, UVM. I think that together we can create something big that people will remember.

Where do you think that the sports sector is leaning towards?

I think that there is still a lot to do, and Mexico is a good place to develop all these professional activities. I think that the school should become stronger and create more programmes in collaboration with the Universidad Europea in Madrid. The sports and business world is in need of well-educated people.  

As a tip to all the people that want to make a living out of the sports as a professional career, I´d tell them “be prepared and get trained at good schools, but over all, at schools of good repute like the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea. We need to be prepared in order to face all the challenges that the sports industry is facing”.

Héctor Quispe is one of the students who have had the opportunity of Studying at the Valle de Mexico University, in collaboration with the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea, two huge education entities, where he has acquired all the knowledge that he needed to succeed in the sports sector. 

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