Universidad Europea students, professors and experts took part in the viewing to reflect on the Spanish Transition

The Universidad Europea documentary La Transición: Pactos para el recuerdo (The Transition: Agreements for Memory) takes 2nd prize in the competition organized by the Spanish Transition Foundation, the Universidad CEU San Pablo and the Elcano Royal Institute

The documentary La Transición: Pactos para el recuerdo, led by a group of students from the School of Social Sciences and Communication, took 2nd prize in the documentary competition at the ‘The Spanish Transition, 40 years later’ International Conference held at the Universidad San Pablo CEU on November 16 and 17.

The documentary features testimonies from those who experienced the first hand the transition to democracy that contrast with the ignorance of students on that historic event in Spain. The viewing was directed by students Álex Costa, África Muñoz and Adrián Rosado, and coordinated by the director of the Research Center in Values and Global Society, Ivan Hilliard. The documentary, which stars Fernando Ónega, Joaquín García Romanillos and Martín Villa, includes the personal experiences of professors, journalists and experts who reflect on the evolution of Spanish democracy since 1978.

The Transition Chair of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, directed by Joaquín García Romanillos, is behind taking part in this project and winning 2nd prize at the competition organized by the Institute for Historic Studies at the Universidad CEU San Pablo, in collaboration with the Elcano Royal Institute, the Spanish Transition Foundation and the Network for the Study of Contemporary Monarchies.

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