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Universidad Europea celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science by highlighting the careers of its teachers and students

Students and teachers of Universidad Europe took part in inspirational conversations, sharing their impressions and experiences as women in science

Universidad Europea is aware of the low visibility and recognition that female researchers and scientists sometimes receive. That is why to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, Universidad Europea wanted to dedicate the day to all the women who have decided to fight stereotypes and gender inequality to follow their dreams.

In representation of the entire scientific community at Universidad Europea, and highlighting the role of women and their contribution to science, a group of students and teachers from Universidad Europea shared their impressions and discussed the perception of women in scientific fields, their fundamental role in research work, the history and current situation of women in science, the commitment to promote science among girls and many other issues.

Science is an instrument of human progress and women play a fundamental role in it

Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering Silvia Abad and Biotechnology and Pharmacy student Laura del Olmo

Computer Engineer Laura García and Biomedical Engineering student Alba Gutiérrez

Biomedical Engineering student Rocío Portero and Computer Engineer Mari Cruz Gaya

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