Universidad Europea brings together athletes and communication professionals for the Challenge3’59 Day project

The “Challenge Day” project was a place for athletes and professionals to meet and discuss communications in sport

Universidad Europea held the ninth edition of the Challenge3’59 mentoring project promoted by former cyclist Luis Pasamontes. The event, held on June 29 at the Alcobendas Campus, brought together athletes and communication professionals to discuss the topic “Successful Communications in Sports.” The day was an educational session for athletes seeking to perfect and boost proper communication in their professional careers.

The session covered several topics about the proper use of language, keys to appropriate exposure, overcoming fear and new technologies. Participating in the day were Marca Deputy Director Miguel Ángel Méndez; Philologist and Professor of Language and Literature Álvaro Reyes; Communication Expert Javier Reyero; and former professional basketball player from Club Estudiantes Nacho Rodríguez. During Challenge Day, Álvaro Reyes reminded attendees that “it is our responsibility to use careful language when we write and talk in public; we are responsible for being careful about language.”

Regarding the digital environment, Javier Reyero commented that “technology has changed all the channels of communication and athletes must learn to use it.” Meanwhile, Nacho Rodriguez offered the example of his personal experience as an athlete having to overcome fears of speaking in public. Journalist Miguel Ángel underlined that “the greater our exposure, the more careful we must be with communication.”  In addition to offering communication advise, the meeting encouraged professional integration and networking among athletes and professionals of all kinds.

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