The School of Social Sciences and Communication partners with advertising agency Comunica+A to develop its academic program

The 2016-2017 program will consist of a series of training sessions for students at the school, simulating the activities of an advertising agency

On December 2 Madrid advertising agency Comunica+A, in partnership with the Universidad Europea, presented an academic program for students at the School of Social Sciences and Communication for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The program was developed to complement students’ courses over the year. Activities include a simulation of the real duties and responsibilities of an advertising agency in which students will create briefings and present proposals. At the end of the sessions, Comunica+A will select the students with the most outstanding proposals for internships in the agency’s various departments.

The interview was attended by Cedric Bertín, General Manager of Comunica+A;  Javier Alvira, director of Customer Services; Mercedes Agüero, Vice Dean of Communication; and Javier Pérez, Advertising PhD and head of the Advertising laboratory of the Universidad Europea. According to Expósito, “this training program is a great opportunity for advertising students to learn by experimenting, get work experience and see for themselves how an agency works.

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