Students from the Social Sciences Department attend a session of the Tribunal de las Aguas (Water Court)

The students also listened to a conference on the origin of this century-old institution and how it operates

On October 27, Universidad Europea de Valencia professors Julia Martínez and Ricardo García visited the Tribunal de las Aguas in Valencia accompanied by Law, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Criminology and International Relations undergraduate students.

The Tribunal de las Aguas de Valencia (Valencia Water Court) is the oldest legal institution in Europe. It meets every Thursday in front of the Apostles’ Door of Valencia Cathedral. How it administers justice when settling conflicts regarding the distribution of water is studied and analyzed by jurists worldwide. And it is a tradition that gathers together hundreds of tourists each week. 

The UEV students had the privilege of being at the Apostles’ Door to follow a new session of the Court, and they previously listened to a conference by the Court Secretary, Lawyer for the Mislata irrigation ditch, Javier Pastor, on the origin of this unique institution and how it operates.

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