Prestigious architect Jacob van Rijs inaugurates the Universidad Europea de Valencia Professional Master’s Degree in Architecture

Students from the School of Architecture as well as professors, alumni and active architects enjoyed a master class from one of the top ten architects in the world

On Wednesday, October 19, architect Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of the prestigious Dutch architecture studio MVRDV inaugurated the Professional Master’s Degree in Architecture offered by the Universidad Europea de Valencia.

During the opening conference, entitled MixMax, Van Rijs focused on the development topic of this year’s Master: (Re)densifying and (re)programming architectural and urban spaces in today’s cities.

Jacob Van Rijs led those present through a reflexive retrospective of degraded environments and how they can regenerate a city. The architect, whose studio is one of the top ten in the world, highlighted that the new challenge for 21st century architects does not focus so much on new building and occupying land, but on thinking about the existing city and the heritage that we can recover and densify to mark the future of our cities.

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