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Four alumni winners of the National Graduation Award for Higher University Education share their impressions of the accolades

The winners include three Nursing graduates.

Five Universidad Europea alumni were recognized in February by the Ministry of Education as winners of the National Graduation Award for Higher University Education for students who graduated in the 2011-2012 school year.  Now, four of the winners have shared their impressions of the accolades with Universidad Europea students and professors.

Nursing graduate Judith Castroverde (first prize) explained that the day she found out that she had won the prize, she couldn't believe it. Regarding her time at the University, she highlighted the friendliness and accessibility of the professors, as well as “the University's commitment to excellence through scholarships for hard-working students” .

Meanwhile, another Nursing graduate Mónica Arribas (second prize) mentioned her appreciation for the “great support” she received from the University, explaining that when she decided to study she was a mother of two children aged 9 and 2, working for SUMMA emergency services. “They helped me balance it all and provided me the tools to be able to do so,” she said, claiming that she is very pleased to have her efforts recognized by the Ministry award.

Likewise Building Engineering graduate María Ibáñez (third prize) underlined how the Ministry of Education award “recognizes your constant desire and discipline to achieve a dream,” and recalled “the exceptional and unbeatable human and material resources” that Universidad Europea made available to her while she was a student.

Along the same lines, Optics and Optometry graduate Mireya Llanos also won a third prize in recognition of “the personal efforts I made as a student to balance my studies with optometry work.”  Llanos emphasized that “through the educational models it offers, the University gives you the possibility to work during the week and study on Saturday and Sunday.”

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