Experts from Universidad Europea participate in a new scientific reporting project with RTVE and CRUE

The audiovisual project called “Universo sostenible” (Sustainable Universe) is being broadcast as part of the TV channel La 2’s daily program “La Aventura del Saber” (The Adventure of Knowledge), a show aimed to promote education and scientific reporting

RTVE has started to broadcast the first season of the transmedia scientific reporting magazine “Universo sostenible” through the program “La aventura del saber,” on La 2. The project is receiving support from 27 universities, including Universidad Europea, at the request of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Working Group (Communications Sector Commission) and has also had the support of the Scientific Reporting and Culture Working Group (R&D Sector Commission) of the CRUE (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities). The scientific reporting show, which debuted June 20, will consist of a total of two seasons of 12 episodes each, in 10-minute audiovisual spaces.

Researchers from Universidad Europea, along with other experts from the university scientific community, will explain all sorts of cutting-edge issues in science that are of high social interest, such as cybersecurity, the food of the future, nanotechnology, and neurodegenerative diseases, among others. Thus, the participating universities, in addition to conveying technology and knowledge to industry and society, aim to make public the scientific advances, results, and experiences that may facilitate people's lives and help improve their quality of life.

Universidad Europea will take part in the first season with experts such as Enrique Puertas, director of the Master’s degree in Big Data; Margarita Pérez, full professor of Exercise Physiology; and Sonia Escorial, head of the Managing Diversity Unit, who will analyze topics such as cybersecurity, sports and health, and education in values. In the second season, Universidad Europea will participate in a total of three episodes, which will discuss the future of work (robotics), the collaborative economy, and creativity and technology. The show will also partner with the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities’ Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Microsoft Corporation.

You can follow all of the “Universo sostenible” reports on the “La Aventura del saber” website, here.

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