Alumnus of the Master’s Degree in Facility Management wins a prize at the 7th IFMA España Awards of Excellence

This was the first prize for an academic article in the student category, on the subject ‘Implementation of Facility Management in Industrial SMEs in central Spain’


IFMA España – Sociedad Española de Facility Management called for entries for the 6th IFMA España awards in December 2015, with the goal of rewarding and encouraging research and improving processes in Facility Management. In these latest awards, IFMA España awarded Guillermo Álvarez Robles, Alumnus of the Master’s Degree in Asset and Facility Management the first prize for an academic article.

The project of the Alumnus of the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design, entitled ‘Implantación del FM en el Sector Industrial de las Pymes de la Zona Centro Peninsular’ (Implementation of Facility Management in Industrial SMEs in central Spain), was mainly intended to create an initiative to implement Facility Management in the industrial fabric of small and medium enterprises in the metropolitan area of Madrid and the surrounding provinces. Another Alumnus of the same Master's, José Luis Esteban Chimeno, was a runner-up with his article ‘Systems Integration in Facility Management. Smart Building Management’.

Álvarez highlights the technological changes and the new working environment facing SMEs, who must apply innovative solutions to achieve greater efficiency, especially in energy. According to Álvarez, Spanish SMEs are now in a process of expansion. This is a crucial time, when Facility Management must add value to the changes in facilities to enable SMEs to enter foreign markets successfully and encourage companies to reach beyond the stagnating national economy.

Álvarez has over 10 years’ professional experience in companies like ITM Global, Yelmo Cines, Caixabank and Visionlab, specializing in Integrated Management and Coordination of Maintenance and Auxiliary Support Services, as well as supervising economic management and leading teams.

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