Universidad Europea celebrates Food Revolution

Chef Fabián León visited the Alcobendas Campus to collaborate in the event that was attended by more than 50 children between 5 and 13 years old

Food Revolution is a global campaign that raises questions and provokes debate with the aim of generating a positive change in the way that children have access to, consume and understand food. Food Revolution Day –promoted by chef Jamie Olivier– is celebrated every year to raise awareness and invite more people, companies and governments to take part in this project. This year, Universidad Europea took part in the initiative by celebrating the event on 20 May in its Alcobendas Campus, which relied on the collaboration of chef Fabián León.

It was an overall success, attracting more than 50 children between 5 and 13 years old and was also attended by Master Chef Junior 2, Claudia. “The children were not only able to cook and prepare their own dishes, but they were also able to try different vegetables, including some that they would usually refuse to eat such as raw cauliflower, and other unknown vegetables such as fresh peas”, explains Nur Al Ali, a student at the Universidad Europea.

“It was definitely a challenge for the Food Revolution Day team, but we have successful overcome it”, explains Al Ali, adding that on a personal level the event “serves as a great source of inspiration, knowing that on the same day thousands of events are being held all over the world, all fighting towards a common cause. It also brings great satisfaction to be able to convey this message about food to the little ones”.

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