Daniel Pruce, counselor at the United Kingdom's embassy in Spain, presents the British vision of a reformed EU at Universidad Europea

During his speech, the diplomat reviewed the measures to be voted on in the referendum on the United Kingdom exiting the EU, which will be held in June.

In April, law and international relations students from the Universidad Europea were able to attend the lecture “The United Kingdom's vision for a reformed European Union (EU),” given by Daniel Pruce, counselor at the United Kingdom's embassy in Spain. The lecture was given first in English on the Alcobendas Campus, and then in Spanish at the University's facilities in Villaviciosa de Odón.

The British embassy's number two explained to students how the United Kingdom's vision for a reformed EU should be seen in a context of change. “The world is changing before our eyes; the European Union has no choice but to adapt. In 2016 the EU is facing challenges such as youth unemployment, safety, the consequences of the financial crisis, and problems associated with migratory flows,” he explained.

In his opinion, reform is necessary in order to guarantee the safety and prosperity of all citizens, for whom, he said, “the European Union must act with the flexibility of a network and not the rigidity of a block.” He also explained that the British vision of the EU reform aims to “celebrate its diversity.”

Additionally, during the lecture, Pruce reviewed the reforms that are the basis for the June 23 referendum, dubbed by the media the “Brexit” referendum, where the country will decide if it should leave the European Union.

Furthermore, the diplomat wished to clarify the British government's position, stating that the government “believes that the future of the United Kingdom lies in being part of a reformed European Union,” although he did recognize that the EU could “continue to improve.”

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