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Languages and Translation Programmes

Look at our portfolio of language courses, degrees and masters. Our language programmes offer flexibility in how you choose to study.


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In an ever-globalised environment in which we live, knowledge of more than one language is increasingly more important. At Universidad Europea, you can choose to study courses to improve your Spanish language level, or for the more advanced language students, programmes in translation and intercultural translation. With more than a third of the student body coming from countries outside of Spain, studying a language or translation degree with us is a truly international experience. Don’t miss out!

At Universidad Europea, we realise that learning languages takes time and each student has different goals. That’s why we offer as much flexibility as possible in our courses, including fully online options. Our Spanish courses give you the opportunity to learn with native speakers and either in groups or a personalised one-to-one basis. Such flexibility allows you to combine your studies with personal or professional commitments. More than a third of our student body comes from outside of Spain, so studying language or translation programmes will give you the chance to broaden your horizons and network with fellow students from across the globe. Boost your career now by studying a language or translation programme at Universidad Europea.

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