Universidad Europea de Canarias to become a member of the Betancourt and Molina Foundation

Fernando Clavijo was appointed honorary chairman of the cultural institution

The Universidad Europea de Canarias, soon to become a new member of the Betancourt and Molina Canary Islands Cultural Foundation for Engineering and Architecture, took part in an event held on September 27 during which the president of the Canary Islands was distinguished with the title of honorary chairman of the institution.

The event opened with a few words from the chairman of the Foundation, who thanked Fernando Clavijo for accepting the appointment and highlighted some of the Foundation’s characteristics: it is a non-profit public-private entity, founded in 2002, which has been very active in organizing symposiums, conferences and technical workshops on renewable energies, using waste, the environment, and studying the different branches of engineering and architecture in the Canary Islands from the 16th century to today.

This body also promotes and supports competitions and research projects to implement the knowledge of the most important scientist and all-round engineer from the Canary Islands, and one of the most important in Spain, who introduced modern engineering, and was the founder and first director of the School of Civil Engineering in Spain and Russia.

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